Beer and football go together like hops and malt. They have plenty of positives on their own, but together they can really shine. Now the question has always presented itself as to which team has fans with the best taste in beer. Until now this question was the fuel behind many beer debates at personal parties and sporting events alike, and it seemed we would never have the answer. At last with the power of social networking, a study has been conducted on the preferences of NFL team fans. The results might surprise or even annoy you, but at least now you have the fuel you need to debate your friendly rival fans.

Does your NFL team have the fans with the best taste in beer? Well just hold on a second there because you might just have it all wrong! Check the list below to find out what the popular beer and liquors are for your team!

according to a study released (January) by Nielsen and social network Bartrendr, which analyzed more than 10 million online conversations among football fans. When it comes to liquor, they like Jack Daniels the most, followed by Hennessy. – Catey Hill

NFL team Beer Liquor
Arizona Cardinals Blue Moon Evan Williams
Atlanta Falcons Corona Jack Daniels
Baltimore Ravens Bud Light Svedka
Buffalo Bills Miller Lite Hennessy
Carolina Panthers Heineken Jack Daniels
Chicago Bears Coors and Guinness Evan Williams
Cincinnati Bengals Bud Light Hennessy
Cleveland Browns Bud Light Fireball
Dallas Cowboys Corona Jack Daniels
Denver Broncos Bud Light Bacardi
Detroit Lions Bud Light Jim Beam
Green Bay Packers Bud Light Captain Morgan
Houston Texans Coors Light Jim Beam
Indianapolis Colts Pabst Blue Ribbon Jameson
Jacksonville Jaguars Pabst Blue Ribbon Jameson
Kansas City Chiefs Budweiser Hennessy
Miami Dolphins Corona Grey Goose
Minnesota Vikings Budweiser Fireball
New England Patriots Budweiser Patron
New Orleans Saints Budweiser Crown Royal
New York Giants Blue Moon Ketel One
New York Jets Blue Moon Hennessy
Oakland Raiders Coors Jack Daniels
Pittsburgh Steelers Guinness Jameson
Philadelphia Eagles Yuengling Fireball
San Diego Chargers Bud Light Captain Morgan
San Francisco 49ers Blue Moon Jack Daniels
Seattle Seahawks Bud Light Patron
St. Louis Rams Bud Light Fireball
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Budweiser Hennessy
Tennessee Titans Bud Light Jack Daniels
Washington Redskins Budweiser Jim Beam

As an Oakland Raider fan it comes of no surprise to me that Coors is the beer of choice from witnessing the tailgate aftermath at The Coliseum each game. It should come of no surprise to you that this is not my own beer of choice. You can generally find me at the regularly placed Lagunitas beer tent for my beer needs in Raider Nation.

With the draft only a couple weeks away it’s time to start preparing once again for football season! Go sample a few beers now to make sure you’re ready when the time comes!




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